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In Front of St. Petersburg Winter Palace in Russia. Unfortunately in the country no one wanted to participate in our intervention. The law in the country led by Vladimir Putin, prohibits any artistic protest or intervention linked to Human Rights and the Environment.

Mr. Planet!

We installed an inflatable doll that metaphorically symbolizes the planet in St. Petersburg / Russia, Reykjavik / Iceland, Venice / Italy, Narsarsuaq / Greenland and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The question we asked people was “What do you do for Mr. Planet, how is your relationship with him?”

Some watched, pounding, made photos, assaulted, surrounded him and hugged him … But the most common sense to the situation of the planet is still indifference … However, some give you love, surround and protect. If the planet were a person, would he be happy?

Check out some reactions

veneza costackz 04

“I show people the risks of rising sea levels” Venice / Italy

Amsterdam (4)

“I ride my bike for the Planet!” – Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam (220)

“I give punches on the planet every time I agrido all the time!” – Amsterdam, Netherlands.

amsterdam thiago costackz

“I am sad and tired with the situation of the planet …” – Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam (221)

“I’ll protect you!” – Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam (222)

“We are friends of the planet, live a life with less impact and buy second-hand products avoiding the use of new and clean raw materials.” – Amsterdam, Netherlands.


“I played a love spell …” – Reykjavik, Iceland.


“I make love to the planet.” – Reykjavík, Iceland


“I do exercises with the planet so that it can remain strong” – Reykjavik, Iceland.


“I eat organic things and not use animals” – Narsarsuaq, Greenland


“Kisses and laughter for the Planet” – Narsarsuaq, Greenland


“We arrested the planet before they kill you once” – Narsarsuaq, Greenland