In August 2015 Nicoli Gallery opened in São Paulo with the exhibition of “Concrete to Pop” which featured a collective full of plurality, as the youngest represented by the institution, artist, environmental activist and documentary filmmaker: Thiago Cóstackz.

The artist participated in the show with works such as “The Holy ET,” “Dr. Cosmos – Stephen Hawking, “” Frog Banana “,” Abduction Abaporu “,” In a Wake Clones Society is need “,” Death on the Black Sea “and” The Triple Attack and UFO Barbado “. The exhibition’s goal “From Concrete to Pop” was to bring different perspectives to the visitor’s eye, from works that dialogue directly with the concreteness to works that bring all the cultural melting pot and the irony of the pop universe. In addition, Nicoli Gallery is founded on sustainability, art democratization and authenticating technology. These differentials gallery give preference to work with environmental concerns, actions to democratize art and the use of a new technology to authenticate works.

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