“Myths and Icons” – Shows Manifesto for MONTH Foundation, 1 Museum Ecoart Sustainable Brazil.

The work of the artist Thiago Cóstackz is from the beginning of his career directly linked to environmental and social activism. Historical events, mythology, the study of symbols and archetypes have always been the basis for its conceptual creation. It was based on this fascination that the “myths” and “icons” have on the artist, he chose 11 classic images of ancient art, with up to 5000 years old, to be read again within a contemporary perspective on performing photos of body art that originated the exhibition “Myths and Icons.” The show was an artistic manifesto for the foundation of MESB – Sustainable ecoart Museum of Brazil received over 100 000 people in just 40 days of exposure in the cities of São Paulo and Curitiba.
To embody this art myths the artists invited nationally known celebrities to protagonizarem these photos, including: Carolina Dieckmann, the model Fernanda Tavares, Isabela Fiorentino, Paulo Zulu, Paola Princess of Orleans e Bragança, Carlos Casagrande, Dalton Vigh, Laura Wie Jaqueline Dalabona and Nany People. All works were produced using recycled and certified materials such as ecological fabrics pet base, body paints to water-based, wigs made with PET polymers and scenarios produced with high technology which used as disposal of materials based works and garbage . The museum should be based in Rio Grande do Norte, but unfortunately due to lack of local and national political support the project lies stopped.