The Green Holocaust of the Slayer.

carlos casagrande o holocausto verde do exterminador costackz body art

The photo shows a villain that is about to devastate more and more, even after having already devastated all kinds of life behind him. Tattooed with the nuclear power symbol he holds a colored chainsaw contrasting with the black and white that is prevailing in the photo, making a reference to the reasons for the deforestation and destruction of the environment which are always very “colorful” and covered by make-up: “all for the progress, for the people feeding and, for the country’s wealth” they say, but hidden in the deep, there is an extremely cruel and macabre motivation: the “free-for-all” for economic growth, since what we use to eat comes from family farms and devastation is always for other purposes, but the picture tells not only about the great and devastating polluters, it says that there is a “slayer” inside all of us that, even at lower levels, can cause a terrible impact on the environment where we coexist, either in our unbridled consumerism that turned our Earth into a huge factory operating full time to meet the needs of 7 billion people, then in the silence that enables terrible laws to be sanctioned, like the new Brazilian Forest Code that eased the use of land and has already made deforestation grow nearly 28% in the Amazon Forest .

Model: actor Carlos Casagrande, Art: Thiago Cóstackz, photo: Lienio Medeiros and Fujocka Photodesign, Assistent: Fernanda Marques Vieira and Felipe Cavalheiro Produções.

Sarcophagus of Tupi Bird:

costackz totem ave tupi body art

Inspired by the indigenous totems and mortuary art of ancient Egypt, the work is a reference to the severely endangered birds and indigenous peoples who are threatened to the same degree. Buried inside a lonely sarcophagus in an imaginary forest, that still exists in the magical imagination of the artist.

Model, Art e Concept: Thiago Cóstackz, Photo: Lienio Medeiros and Fujocka Photodesign.

Frog Tupi Man – Save Dendrobatidae!

frog man thiago costackz body art

A warning work about the situation of the Amazon Frogs that appear, together with all other amphibians in the world, on the list of the most endangered animals on Earth, since the 1980’s researchers have registered an alarming decline in amphibian populations around the world. As they are very sensitive to small changes, they suffer immensely from global warming, diseases and habitat loss.

Model, Art e Concept: Thiago Cóstackz, Photo: Lienio Medeiros and Fujocka Photodesign.

The Great Mother Earth – S.O.S!

torloni costackz 4

The work is an allegory inspired by several legends about the Mother of Creation, a common archetype in many ancient cultures around the world., however, the biggest inspirations for these interventions were the references from Mediterranean (Greek, Phoenician and Cretan), German-Scandinavian (Viking and Anglo-Saxon) and Celtic about the Lady of the Lake. She gathers in her iconic “pop / contemporary” dress the four elements, showing her power to rule over them, symbol of balance, fertility and renewal of the Planet, a woman who generates in her womb the world itself and all the beings that coexist on the Planet, a judge who establishes the balance between “prey and predator”, the great Mother Nature that ensures a neural and magical connection among all beings on Earth, the great Mother Nature that is asking SOS in these sad days of 2014.

Model: actriz Christiane Torloni, Art and Concept: Thiago Cóstackz, Photo: Lienio Medeiros and Fujocka Photodesign

torloni costackz 2

torloni costackz

The Abduction of the (pink) Amazon River Dolphin

costackz boto body art

Oh aliens, free us! Oh quantum physics, save us!

Model, Art and Concept: Thiago Cóstackz, photo: Lienio Medeiros and Fujocka Photodesign.


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