livraria cultura thiago cóstackz caminhando sobre a terra

The artist, Thiago Cóstackz, yesterday made the launch of the Premium edition of the book and documentary Walking on Earth – A Trip to 10 endangered places on the Planet in the Livraria Cultura in São Paulo, sponsored by the French company Air Liquide. The new edition of the book was printed through a sustainable process with certified paper and ink printing was reused. The artist distributed the free and autographed copies to people who attended the event.

And this Saturday, 01/11, there will be “Save Me” facility, consisting of a giant balloon octopus format 15 meters high, which will be placed in the Shopping Center 3 in Paulista Avenue. This intervention is a direct connection to the marine life severely threatened by climate changes taking place globally, mainly accelerated by human impacts.

In addition to installing the giant balloon, it will be the free distribution of more than 2,500 books.

caminhando sobre a terra costackz livraria cultura

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thiago cóstackz livraria cultura

O documentário com nome homônimo já está disponível no youtube no link:

DVD Caminhando sobre a Terra